Bestseller Science

What Counts As A Bestseller?

Jordan Pruett | Public Books | 11th October 2022

The word "bestseller" is deceptive. We might assume that a list of bestselling books ranks those titles that have sold the most copies, but no. As this historical analysis shows, these rankings are actually carefully curated by editors. One author sued the NYT after his exclusion, only to lose the case because, since it was subjectively compiled, the list was protected by the right to free speech (2,577 words)

The Transformations Of Science

Geoff Anders | Palladium | 10th October 2022

What is science for, and who should control it? Excellent questions and many non-answers are to be found in this essay. Since the 17C, science has evolved: from private activity to public, from never-ending inquiry to settled authority, from individual endeavour to state-sponsored justification for policy. Can we ever trust the science? Sometimes, and with caveats aplenty, it seems (3,178 words)

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