Better World

Things Could Be Better

Adam Mastroianni | Experimental History | 15th November 2022

In which the author tests a conjecture and makes a discovery. The conjecture: All judgments are comparisons. If I say, X is good, I mean, I can easily think how X might be worse. Now for the discovery, and make of it what you will: When you ask people how X might be different, whether X is a banana or a bus service, 90% of people default to ways in which X might be better, not worse (3,800 words)  

Welcome To Your World Cup

Adam Susman | Howler | 18th November 2022

It may well be that, like me, you have no strong interest in soccer, and even a mild aversion to this particular World Cup. And yet, since you know that half humanity will be talking football for the next month, you would like to have at your disposal one or two lesser-known facts, perhaps a mildly provocative prediction, for tactical use in conversation. If so, then commit this piece to memory (6,100 words)

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