Beware Etymology

Beware Of Falling Fruit

Sony Devabhaktuni & Joanna Mansbridge | CCA | 18th March 2024

Performances of safety pervade Hong Kong, where “unruly” plants and animals inconvenience day-to-day business. Warning signs include “wild pigs in area” and, incredibly, “beware of falling fruit”. How would this curious assembly of boars, mangoes, and road-side trees interact with each other? — “would they form alliances? Are they anxious about their own safety, indifferent, amused, or blasé?” (3,200 words)

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Etymology Of South Asia’s Missiles

Qamar Shahzad | South Asian Voices | 29th February 2024

India's and Pakistan’s naming strategies for their missiles are calculated statecraft, to increase legitimacy of military and political elites amongst a low-literacy populace. For example, Pakistan’s missiles: “Hatf” — “death”, the Prophet’s sword; “Ra’ad” — “thunder”, the Islamic concept of divine punishment. India’s missiles: “Agni” — Vedic fire god invoking nuclear power; “Trishul” — the god Shiva’s trident (1,500 words)

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