Bicycle Age


Bartosz Ciechanowski | 28th March 2023

Beautifully illustrated explanation of how bicycles work. This familiar machine is a miracle of physics, governed by a complex interplay of invisible forces. If you have ever wondered why it is so much easier to balance while in motion than when stopped, this is your best chance of finding out. By the end, it is hard not to agree that there is something "a bit magical" about the bicycle (15,471 words)

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The Age Of Average

Alex Murrell | 20th March 2023

We live in "a sea of sameness". Architecture, art, interiors, product design, book covers, film posters, even faces, thanks to plastic surgery — it is all strikingly homogenous. Why? "Perhaps when times are turbulent, people seek the safety of the familiar. Perhaps it’s our obsession with quantification and optimisation. Or maybe it’s the inevitable result of inspiration becoming globalised" (6,053 words)

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