Bird Supremacy

The Bird Detectives

Andrew Zaleski | Washingtonian | 3rd July 2024

When a bird flies into a aeroplane's engine, whatever "gunk" is leftover is posted to a team of forensic ornithologists in Washington DC. These "bird detectives" inspect 11,000 dead birds a year. They identify bird corpses, sometimes just from a single feather. Their suggestions about pest control and habitat management aim to reduce the number of fatal bird strikes and improve air safety (2,500 words)

The Shareholder Supremacy

Edward Zitron | Where's Your Ed At? | 1st July 2024

It is not your imagination: today's companies don't care about customers. Instead, the shareholder reigns supreme. "Our economy is run by people that have never built anything, running companies that they contort to make a number go up for shareholders they rarely meet." This is all a short-termist shell game, in which the only winning moves are those that increase company value (11,000 words)

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