Birds Overthrown

French Monarchy Overthrown

W.S. Bourne | Guardian | 10th August 2022

From The Observer of August 1792. How the climactic events of the French Revolution were reported at the time, by mail from Paris. "The King, and his family, are now in close custody in the Temple of the Palace, formerly belonging to the Duke of Orleans, and their keepers are the mob. Whether the King, at this moment, lives, is a circumstance of great and agonising dubiety" (718 words)

How Birds Happen

Tim Birkhead | Lapham's Quarterly | 10th August 2022 | U

The birds and the bees, without the bees; which is to say, a brief history of what natural scientists down the ages have believed, rightly and wrongly, to be the reproductive habits of birds. Aristotle studied birds keenly, but not keenly enough: "He thought that birds’ eggs were laid with a soft shell, to ease their passage, that hardened on exposure to the air. A touching idea, but not true" (2,100 words)

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Natural scientists are still unsure how The Browser happens.
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