Bizarre Sentence

Bizarre Talmudic Scenarios

Jeremy Brown | Talmudology | 29th April 2022

On the value of hypothetical and highly improbable cases for clarifying Talmudic (and American) law. A cart may not be pulled by an ox and a donkey — but may it be pulled by a goat and a fish? If a bird lays eggs in a person's hair, must the bird be driven away before the eggs are collected? If a randomly thrown knife cuts an animal's throat, can the slaughtered animal be considered kosher? (2,030 words)

How To Be A First Sentence

Paul Vacca | Berfrois | 26th April 2022

Some great first sentences acquire lives of their own over time, revealing their star qualities and outshining the books from which they are drawn. But a first sentence should appear modest when met on the page. Its job there is to welcome the reader and then get out of the way. "The first sentence does not live for itself, it does not claim any self-sufficiency. It never seeks to shine for its own sake" (1,700 words)  

How to be a last sentence. The last sentence never seeks to shine for its own sake. It only seeks to remind you that, with a full subscription to The Browser, you could be receiving five article recommendations, a podcast and a video daily.

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