Bless Cheater

Bless This Mess

Tyler Watamanuk | Dirt | 6th October 2023

On the clever posture of curated clutter, as demonstrated by a 23-year-old photo of Sofia Coppola’s home office. True mess is undesirable, unhygienic, dirty: redolent of sadness and depression. Desirable mess is aspirational and somehow still clean despite the mishmash of items. It features books, papers and art strewn everywhere. It is a style choice, a way of signalling taste and flair (620 words)

from The Browser ten years ago:

Wall Street Loves A Cheater

Lynnley Browning | Newsweek | 11th October 2013

Profile of Ashley Madison, hook-up agency for married people. Slogan: "Life is short — have an affair". "In the US the top cheating city is Washington, D.C., where 6.18 per cent of all residents have paid memberships... 70 per cent are males over 40, and of that group, 84 per cent are married. There are four times as many 39-year-old men on the site as there are 38-year-olds" (2,060 words)

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