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Why Haven’t Biologists Cured Cancer?

Ruxandra Teslo | 6th July 2024

A common explanation is that the field of biology suffers from a dearth of talent. Biologists are blamed for being bad at maths, yet the integration of mathematics and computing into genomics, for instance, has not resulted in comparable advancements in biology or medicine. This could be due to “long feedback loops” — lab experiments and clinical trials take a long time to yield results (5,400 words)

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A Book To Read Out Loud

Henry Oliver | The Common Reader | 7th July 2024

On the joys of reading The Hobbit out loud. “Tolkien breaks many rules of writing. He says “suddenly” all the time. He uses “he” multiple times in a sentence, referring to two different people. He constantly breaks the fourth wall to say “of course such and such”. He repeats words, relatively close together. But Tolkien does all of this deliberately. He is not a mere spinner of tales, but a worker of lost languages” (900 words)

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