Book Hunt

Should You Read the Same Book Twice?

Erich J. Prince | Merion West | 16th June 2023

Which is more conducive to an enriching reading life: rereading classics, or sampling new texts? Although purely indulging personal preference is undoubtedly one way of navigating this dilemma, the author does propose a rule to try: "When reading for style or because one just loves a book, read it twice (or perhaps even a third time). For content, in most cases, read once" (2,555 words)

Looking for some new texts to sample? Make your next text extra zesty. The Browser recommends five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and a podcast.

The Hunt For The Missing Orient Express

Jennifer Walker | Messy Nessy Chic | 16th June 2023

The rise, fall and rise again of long distance train travel resulted in some interesting salvage projects. Orient Express sleeping carriages were sold off in the 1970s and then had to be tracked down for restoration in the 2010s when luxury rail travel became a viable business again. Detective work eventually located derelict but rescuable carriages in Poland, Germany and Switzerland (1,603 words)

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