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J.G. Ballard | MIT Press Reader | 8th February 2024

Ballard looks back on a lifetime of reading. He regrets reading the classics in his teens, “before I had any adult experience of the world”, and thinks it may have made him a less mature, less open-minded adult. He loves “invisible literatures” (brochures, manuals, journals) and never reads his own fiction. His all-time top ten includes Hemingway, Burroughs, Coleridge and Lewis Carroll (2,100 words)

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Creeped Out

Sara Bernstein & Daniel Nolan | Oxford Studies In Philosophy Of Mind | 7th January 2024 | PDF

On the philosophy of creepiness and being “creeped out”. Creepiness lies within a specific range of emotional reaction. Seeing someone hacked to death will produce shudders of horror and repugnance, but it’s too powerful and direct an experience to be creepy. Having “the creeps” is a more low key, subtle occurrence — and one that can even have aesthetic or comic value (7,200 words)

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