Bootlegger Mansion

So You Want To Be A Bootlegger

Jeff Nilsson | Saturday Evening Post | 10th May 2022

Tips from 1922 for starting a Prohibition era liquor distribution business. The risks were great but the potential profits were enormous, especially during the days of "the medicinal whiskey racket". Other options included driving or sailing the booze down from Canada, while dodging hijackers. Two years in, customers forgot what real whiskey tasted like so it could be freely watered down (1,239 words)

God Has A Beautiful Mansion For Me Elsewhere

John Higgs | Lapham's Quarterly | 5th May 2022

William Blake, for all his heretical beliefs and casual chats with angels, was good company, especially towards the end of his life. Here we see the artist in his late sixties through the eyes of a new acquaintance. "He was dressed in old-fashioned, threadbare clothes and his gray trousers were shiny at the front through wear. His large, strong eyes didn’t seem to fit with his soft, round face" (1,598 words)

From whiskey bootlegger to poet
Each corner of life, let us know it!
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