Bread Bird

The Curse Of Sliced Bread

Mary Harrington | Unherd | 18th February 2022

Musings on productivity, explained as a failed baking experiment. The writer's bread collapsed because she tried to eliminate its fifth ingredient: after flour, water, salt and yeast, it needs time to prove. Removing time from the baking process requires over a dozen potentially unhealthy additives. The same could be said of a relentlessly "life hacking" approach to modern existence (1,405 words)

Bird Brother

Rodney Stotts | Washingtonian | 9th February 2022

Excerpt from a falconer's memoir. Rodney Stotts was making his way as a "midlevel" drug dealer in southeast Washington DC, but needed a job with payslips in order to rent a flat. He took a gig with an environmental charity at random, only to fall in love with "learning the mysterious language of birds". After many years of work, in 2021 he finally attained the elite level of master falconer (2,820 words)


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