Broken Ognosia

To The Broken Hearted Nest Observer

Kaeli Swift | Corvid Research | 7th June 2022

Brief but moving letter offering encouragement to the scientists who must watch birds nest, lay eggs, and then fall victim to predators before their chicks can fledge. Feeling conflicted and even guilty is to be expected, but the observer cannot intervene. Science does not decide which creatures deserve to eat. "Death is essential. Predation is the transfer of life and that life is a gift" (580 words)


Olga Tokarczuk | Words Without Borders | 6th June 2022

The Polish novelist considers the differences in how humans of this generation live as compared to their grandparents. Easy travel has shrunk the world while digitisation has swelled the available resources for study to proportions so vast that they cannot be grasped. A worthwhile future requires us to admit how little we know, and to be willing to "create a library of new terms", she says (6,290 words)

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