Brutal Therapy

Brutal Birth

Hamish McDonald | Inside Story | 20th June 2024

Review of Revolusi, new account of the Indonesian struggle for independence. It has caused a shock in the Netherlands, where 50% of the Dutch public were still proud of their colonial empire, per a 2019 survey. “Indonesia was crucial to the birth of the modern world. It inspired anticolonial movements in Africa, and the 1955 Bandung conference was a seminal moment for what is now the Global South” (3,400 words)

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Therapy Isn’t The Only Answer

Naomi Kanakia | Woman Of Letters | 20th June 2024

Discursive story-essay that calls for a return to straightforward storytelling. “In modern prose fiction, we are very embodied within the subject. We construct images, describe feelings, physical sensations. But this is quite recent! It isn’t until early 20th-century modernism that fiction gains the intensely interior, embodied quality. And I’m a bit tired of it. Sometimes I just want to sit down and tell a story” (3,800 words)

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