Build Paradise

Build A Home That Lasts A Thousand Years

Wrath Of Gnon | 12th September 2022

After a brief salute to Roger Scruton and his ideas of beauty, this is a thoroughly practical reflection on building for the long-term. Use straw, adobe, bricks, clay, wood, stone — and try to find stuff nearby, as your descendants will need more to repair and rebuild. Use building techniques that are simple and obvious. Sloping roofs beats flat roofs. Build on high ground. Build something useful (1,160 words)

What Happened To Our Economic Paradise?

Brad DeLong | Time | 8th September 2022

The wealth created by the industrial revolution, railroads, and steampower, started rippling outwards to the general public in Europe and America around 1870, sparking hopes that a utopian age was approaching. New technologies would increase pleasure and leisure. Rising living standards would float everyone's boat. What went wrong? Neoliberalism got in the way, says DeLong (3,200 words)

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