Building Credit

Social Credit In China

Zeyi Yang | MIT Technology Review | 22nd November 2022

How China's "social credit" system works, as set down in a new national law. Officially it consists of two separate mechanisms — one for scoring people's financial creditworthiness and another for scoring their pro-social behaviour. Some local governments have been linking the two, threatening financial reprisals for anti-social behaviour. But this is not national policy ... Yet (2,700 words)

Building Fast And Slow

Brian Potter | Construction Physics | 23rd November 2022

Part one of a deep dive into why the Empire State Building was completed on time and within budget whereas the World Trade Center took for ever to build and cost the earth. The Empire State Building was designed with speed of construction paramount. Every possible component and process was an industry standard. Beauty was never on the spec sheet, somehow it just happened (3,900 words)

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