Bukowski Lessons

Heil Bukowski!

Abel Debritto | 3:AM Magazine | 8th March 2024

On the quest for the “Holy Grail” — at least for Charles Bukowski scholars. The poet was thought to have penned a series of pro-Nazi letters for right-wing newspapers in the early 1940s, but these were missing, if they ever existed. Then, in 2023, this writer found them in a digital database, misfiled thanks to a “tagging error”. The twist? The Nazi persona was fake, “a giant put-on” (3,900 words)

Lessons From The Cyber-Attack

British Library | 8th March 2024 | PDF

The British Library’s account of the ransomware attack that compromised its systems so utterly that readers could not consult the catalogue or access books for almost six months. Interesting throughout. Aside from the attack itself, the biggest problem in recovery has been hard-to-replace legacy software that cannot be restored because it is not compatible with better security measures (8,300 words)

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