Cadaver Speak

This week, The Browser looks back at some of our favourite selections from the year gone by.

What It's Like To Dissect A Cadaver

Alok Singh | Every Man A Debtor | 9th November 2022

Observations recorded after taking an open access dissection class. Exposing veins, arteries and nerves takes a surprising amount of physical effort and is best done with the hands. Cancer can turn guts a bright mouldy green. Human fat is extremely greasy. The intestines look like damp cardboard but are dry to the touch. Lifting a face off a skull is, as one might assume, "extra uncanny" (1,447 words)

How To Speak Honeybee

Karen Bakker | Noema | 2nd November 2022

Bees communicate mainly by dance, but they also have a vocabulary of sounds and vibrations. They have excellent eyesight and can recognise faces. They can rob and cheat. They get happy and sad. When a swarm needs to split or move on, the bees will argue and vote about where to go next. To better observe them, humans are now building a bee-sized robot which will pass as a bee among bees (4,700 words)

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