Can Cook

Dear Tim Cook

Matt Zoller Seitz | Roger Ebert | 8th May 2024

Outpouring of pure rage about an Apple marketing campaign that depicts a huge press crushing a pile of traditional "creative" objects, such as musical instruments, paints and cameras. The company has now apologised for it. Is this just a harmless piece of imagery to sell a tablet, or a message to artists that "the tech industry will crush you, destroy you; suddenly, violently, all at once"? (1,800 words)

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What Can A Person Wear?

Patricia Marino | The Kramer Is Now | 10th May 2024

Philosopher ponders whether it is possible to dress both ethically and comfortably. Stretchy manmade fabrics are practical, but their plastic fibres "pollute everything from oceans to breast milk". Natural options like cotton use a lot of water and energy to produce, and don't stretch or wash well. "I could dress more sustainably by buying and wearing used, shapeless items, and not looking good" (750 words)

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