Cat Heritage

On Cat Pictures

Teow Lim Goh | Los Angeles Review Of Books | 31st January 2022

There are more pet dogs than pet cats in the US, yet it is feline portraiture that dominates the American internet. Why? The answer lies in the fundamental tension of cat-keeping. "Cats are still-wild animals that depend on us for food and shelter... The best cat pictures and jokes negotiate this tension between the wild and the domesticated." Cat pictures are a "social currency" (2,589 words)

Disturbing Heritage

Birgit Meyer | Allegra | 31st January 2022

Debate rages over what to do with previously cherished objects belonging to ideas that have now declined in popularity. The impulse to conserve everything is untenable. "In many ways, heritage has run out of control – politically, but also epistemologically." Unwanted Christian artefacts form the case study here; they retain a "sacred residue" that makes repurposing them difficult (2,321 words)


You should probably forget about learning Chinese meaningfully. So how does one learn Chinese meaninglessly? I'm so glad you asked.

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