Cats and Corruption

Cecily Giraffe is fond of cats, especially the mystical ones. She is fonder still of Browser subscribers. (Or equally fond, both are magical in their own special ways).

Magical Cats Of Japan

Zack Davisson | Zocalo | 10th September 2020

Many animals have magical attributes in Japanese folklore, but cats are "somewhat unique in the myriad powers they can manifest". In the Edo period, old cats were thought liable to become bakeneko — shapeshifters that killed their owners and took their place. A scarcely lesser fate awaited unwary owners of a kasha, a cat which, having once smelled a corpse, became a "demon from hell" (2,300 words)

Tom Wright On Corruption In The US Navy

Uri Bram | The Browser | 26th November 2021

"Fat Leonard" made billions as a contractor for the US Navy. "He was paying for prostitutes and orgies for navy officers, all the way up to admirals." Though "gifts for their wives, Chanel handbags, Cohiba Cigars, $30,000 dinners," he secured inflated contracts and the redirection of US ships to ports under his control. Now Leonard awaits trial, but senior admirals remain uncharged (3,862 words)


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