Cerebellum Spam

What Does The Cerebellum Do?

Sarah Constantin | Rough Diamonds | 28th December 2023

The “little brain” lives just beneath the “big” brain. It helps us balance, move, prepare and anticipate, ““getting ready” for the next step before the last one is complete.” People who lack it “are still capable of most of the same tasks, just with worse performance.” They speak grammatically but struggle with conjunctions like “but” or “because.” Across movement, language and thought, the cerebellum adds fluency (3,934 words)

SEO Spam

Dan Luu | 30th December 2023

Dense post investigating the accusation that modern search engines have been borked by SEO. The incentives are stacked towards whoever can profit most from a term, so searching for gambling addiction ultimately leads to ads for gambling. Incorporating user responses only improves rankings “when users are sophisticated enough to know what the best results are, which they generally aren’t” (4,857 words)

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