Chartreuse Hole

Where Has All The Chartreuse Gone?

Jason Wilson | Everyday Drinking | 24th February 2023

The Carthusian monks who make this French herbal liqueur have decided to scale back their production. Being a global drinks conglomerate is not compatible with the values of a religious order that requires a vow of silence and a mode of living that has barely changed since the Middle Ages, they feel. But if you can get your hands on a bottle, it pairs well with citrus peel and vermouth (2,750 words)

Video: The Hole | John & Faith Hubley | YouTube | 15m 37s

Dizzy Gillespie and George Mathews improvise the dialogue of this 1962 Oscar-winning classic. "It’s a mix of everyday small-talk and, as time passes, the ever-present fear of nuclear war. Mathews’s character is convinced that the weapons won’t be used — true accidents don’t happen. Gillespie’s character sees the danger. There’s a real naturalism to the dialogue, and it’s packed with highlights"
Animation Obsessive

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