Chase Tactics

How It Feels To Chase A Tornado

Matthew Cappucci | LitHub | 15th August 2022

A self described "storm-chasing weather nerd" narrates a day driving across the southern US in search of tornados. "I unconsciously slowed to ten miles per hour, then five, then four, then two. With the wind blowing straight at me and leaves and debris rocketing past the windows, I thought I was still driving rapidly; in reality, I was stationary. That’s when the edge of the tornado arrived" (3,680 words)

Care Tactics

Laura Mauldin | Baffler | 26th July 2022

Our tech-obsessed society constantly produces glossy "dongles" designed to "fix" the world for disabled people, while mostly ignoring the needs expressed by this very group. Meanwhile, disabled people have always repurposed objects to make the world more accessible. Rubber bands, silicon trivets, the perfect tongs: all of these and more are constantly put to ingenious use (3,285 words)

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