Cheese Chapter

Somewhere There’s Cheese

Zoe Kurland | Bright Wall/Dark Room | 8th February 2024

Love letter to A Grand Day Out, the first stop-motion claymation film to star Wallace and Gromit. It embodies the best kind of adventurous imagination. “What if the moon is made of cheese? What if we could wear our favourite sweater on its surface, and bring all our friends along for the journey? What a dream it is to look up at the sky and imagine a man and a dog picnicking on the moon” (2,300 words)

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Forgotten History Of The Chapter

Nicholas Dames | Millions | 27th November 2023

The way our reading material is split into chapters attracts very little attention from the average reader. “The chapter possesses the trick of vanishing while in the act of serving its various purposes.” Yet the concept rewards greater scrutiny. As Proust identified, capturing the perfect moment of transition, of hiatus, is both beautiful and near-impossible. We know when it is done well (2,200 words)

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