Children Algorithm

Paying People To Have Children

Kevin Kelly | Technium | 11th January 2024

Proposal to arrest the global decline in fertility rates: pay people a lot of money to have children. A government would calculate a citizen’s “Total Lifetime Economic Value” and pay people slightly less to have a child. Previous incentives, like free childcare or housing, have not worked. Perhaps the cash payment needs to be huge. “Would you be willing to have a(nother) child for $8 million?” (1,100 words)

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Between The Algorithm And A Hard Place

Diana Enríquez | Tech Policy Press | 11th December 2023

In a job that is largely managed by an automated system, software glitches will periodically create a lose-lose situation. The route the app presents to an Uber driver or an Amazon worker makes no sense in the real world, but they face harsh automatic penalties for deviating from it. What to do? A system that is supposed remove worker autonomy forces more individual decision making (1,500 words)

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