Chronicle Death

Chronicle Of Revolutions Foretold

Branko Milanovic | Global Inequality | 13th April 2023

How increasing economic inequality leads almost inevitably to revolution. The trouble starts at the top. The greater the gains accruing to the very richest in any society, the greater the incentives for the rich, however rich they may already be, to compete for yet more riches. The result is in-fighting among the rich to capture public goods, and power over public goods, until the public revolts (1,540 words)

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How To Define Death

Al Roth et al | Market Design/JAMA | 13th April 2023

American law defines death as "irreversible cessation" of heart and lung functions or of all brain functions. But brain-dead patients can now be kept oxygenated on ventilators indefinitely if relatives so insist. Their bodies will continue to function. Redefining death as "irreversible loss of consciousness" would enable more organ transplants, saving more lives. But would public opinion stand for it? (750 words)

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