Circus Dictionary

Circus And Philosophy

Meg Wallace | Aesthetics For Birds | 2nd December 2021

Account of an unusual university course, in which the professor uses circus skills like juggling to illuminate the study of philosophy. The purpose of this is to make the learning process "tactile" and to demonstrate the benefits of narrowing the "participation/theorising gap" that is common in disciplines like philosophy of art or of science. Those who think are not usually those who do (2,596 words)

How Dictionaries Define Us

Ilan Stavans & Margaret Boyle | LARB | 30th March 2022

Conversation about the different dictionary traditions in the English and Spanish speaking worlds. It's customary to think of dictionaries as both immutable and objective, but they are neither. Each definition and edition bears the imprint of the people and the time that created it. A shadow "double" dictionary exists comprising all the words that were excluded from the tangible tome (4,085 words)

A shadow "double" Browser exists, recommending five articles, a podcast and a video daily. Step into the shadows:

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