City Gravity

A Claxonomy Of Mexico City

Lachlan Summers | Allegra Lab | 2nd March 2023

Just when I was starting to think there was nothing new that was true, and nothing true that was new, here out of blue sky comes a wonderful piece of writing on a subject that had only a genius would have recognised as a possible subject in the first place, namely, a taxonomy of car-honking in Mexico City. The mere existence of this piece is a marvel, the reading of it sheer pleasure (2,600 words)

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The End Of Gravity’s Rainbow

Ted Gioia | Honest Broker | 1st March 2023

The fifty years between Ulysses and Gravity's Rainbow were The Age Of Difficulty in fiction. Critics and readers demanded "a certain degree of hardship" from great works. Gravity's Rainbow was the ultimate test: "Once you entered, there were no guarantees you would ever emerge". You never quite knew what the book was even about. The explanation was always "just around the corner" (1,400 words)

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