Clinical Weirdness

Clinical Trials And Biotech Innovation

Matthew Herper | STAT | 3rd November 2022

This ought to be a great century for biology. The combination of gene editing and AI is opening up vast new prospects for understanding and optimising our bodies. But how much of this life-science will get out of the labs and into production if the law requires the safety and efficacy of every product to be proven in clinical trials? Ensuring safety is vital — but is there a better way of doing it? (5,400 words)

The Weirdness Of Beavers

Leila Philip | Literary Hub | 8th December 2022

A brief history of beavers in art, history, scholarship and religion. A million years ago, beavers "the size of bears" roamed North America. The evolution of beavers remains something of a mystery: To look at, they are "part bear, part bird, part monkey, part lizard". Nobody knows when they started building dams. They seem to have a capacity for collective intelligence, like ants or bees (2,900 words)

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