Cocomelon Cycle

A Cycle Of Misery

Brian Potter | Construction Physics | 31st January 2024

“You can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t quit” — developing new aircraft models is one of the most difficult enterprises. It is cripplingly expensive — making a single model can cost more than the entire company’s worth. The demand is small, necessitating a steep learning curve to reduce inefficiencies. Too many orders can be as disastrous as too few, and the reward is a paltry profit (4,400 words)

Everybody Hates Cocomelon

Meghan Boilard | Off-Topic | 2nd February 2024

Popular children’s YouTube channels seem safe, if vapid and annoying to adults — but are they “cocaine for toddlers”? Entertainment companies research the minutest of details about their tiny viewers. Every time an eye strays away from the show, they take note and make tweaks — for “a bombardment of colour, sound and movement engineered for complete dominion over the toddler’s attention” (4,300 words)

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