Cold Land

The Watch That Came In From The Cold

Cole Pennington | Hodinkee | 14th November 2019

A 1940s Rolex watch, so damaged that it looked as if it had "risen from the depths of hell", helped to unravel this declassified story about Cold War intelligence operations. The watch was worn by a WW2 fighter pilot who flew dangerous missions to extract agents from missions in Asia. After one such job went wrong in 1952, it took over half a century for his work to be recognised (3,606 words)

The Land Of The Freed People

Jonneke Koomen | Africa Is A Country | 26th May 2022

Introduction to ‌We Slaves of Suriname, a history of Dutch colonialism by Anton de Kom, now translated into English. De Kom's father had been freed from slavery as an infant, but the Dutch influence in Suriname remained strong: De Kom was educated in a Dutch system that aimed to promote "civilisation". This book partly reflected his work to create an entire account of his homeland (2,059 words)

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