Conquest Kidney

Lessons From China's Conquest Of Taiwan

Scott Savitz | RAND Corporation | 26th October 2023

It may be worth remembering — and China certainly remembers — that China has conquered Taiwan once before, in familiar circumstances. When Qing-dynasty armies gained control of the mainland in 1644, Ming-dynasty loyalists regrouped on Taiwan, claimed sovereignty there, and continued fighting. They surrendered in 1683 after losing a decisive naval battle, ceding Taiwan to the Qing (700 words)

My Left Kidney

Scott Alexander | Astral Codex Ten | 27th October 2023

How to give a kidney and why you might want to do so. The surgery carries a 1 in 10,000 mortality risk; no real worries. But the pre-op CAT scan carries a 1 in 660 mortality risk, so ask for an MRI. No known risks to longevity. You sleep through the surgery. You wake up feeling fine (except for the catheter). You get a call to say that your kidney has saved a stranger's life. You feel wonderful (6,700 words)

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