Conserving Power

Conserving A Burmese Offering Vessel

Maxim Chesnokov | British Museum | 13th September 2023

Diary of a restoration. This ornate 19C hsun-ok, made from bamboo, lacquer, and coloured glass was extremely dusty and damaged in places. Obviously it can't just be wiped down and refinished like a less precious object would be. But with painstaking effort over six weeks and the use of unlikely tools like vulcanised rubber, putty, resin and a hypodermic needle, it shines again (1,340 words)

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Direct Solar Power

Kris De Decker | Low-Tech Magazine | 25th August 2023

The batteries used to store renewable energy are a problem. They are expensive, carbon intensive to make, and need replacing regularly. Can we do without them and use solar energy directly without storage? Trials suggest that the answer is yes, albeit with some lifestyle alteration. Chargeable devices, using appliances only during the day and better insulation make it possible (4,380 words)

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