Corporate Animal

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Corporate Buddhism

Judith Hertog & Carolyn Chen | Guernica | 11th July 2022

Buddhism in the US has become a default part of corporate life. The sociologist interviewed here argues that it is part of how big companies are becoming religious organisations. "They have an origin story, a mission, ethics, and a particular set of practices, and many of them have a charismatic leader, which are all basic components of organised religion. I would say that this is strategic" (2,984 words)

The Animal Crisis Is A Human Crisis

Alice Crary & Lori Gruen | Boston Review | 29th June 2022

Making the case for "inter-species solidarity" when it comes to questions of animal ethics. Habitat destruction, industrial farming and meat production are usually targeted by campaigners as being sites of transgression against animals, while the human victims — such as the low-waged workers in the meat packing plant, or the indigenous people who live in a deforested area — are overlooked (2,270 words)

We are all overlooking almost everything.
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