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Interview Of The Week: Adrienne Raphel On Crosswords

Uri Bram talks crosswords and poetry with Adrienne Raphel, author of Thinking Inside the Box, a cultural and personal history of crosswords.

Adrienne on cryptic clues:

The cryptic answer has everything you need inside it, but there is this learning curve too. I pulled this cryptic clue from my book, and it’s one that I think about a lot: The clue is "pretty girl in crimson rose". "Pretty girl" is a "belle", and then "in crimson" — the "in" means it’s going to be encasing on either side, and crimson is "red" — it’s "r-e" on one side, "d" on the other side. So it’s re-belle-d. Then "rose" means an uprising: "rebelled".

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Should We Get Rid Of The Scientific Paper?

Stuart Ritchie | Guardian | 11th April 2022

The answer in this case is Yes. (Betteridge's Law may need amending for op-ed pieces.) Publishing a scientific paper is a slow process, especially with peer-review. Journals prefer positive findings, and the more positive the better, encouraging sensationalism and exaggeration among researchers. Editors resist corrections when their reputation is at stake. Better to publish directly online (1,200 words)

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