Culture Cemeteries

Man Of Culture

Sukhada Tatke | Fifty Two | 22nd May 2022

Story of a scientist and a life-saving compound. Rapamycin was first found in a soil sample from Easter Island. Over many years, it was proved that its immunosuppressant qualities were indeed revolutionary for organ transplants and cancer treatment. Discoveries are made by teams, but without this one man "tireless proselytising" the drug, it may never have been developed (4,521 words)

The Vital Afterlife Of Chernobyl Cemeteries

Matteo Benussi | Allegra Lab | 28th June 2022

The Zone of Alienation at Chernobyl is almost entirely uninhabited, but the cemeteries attached to former settlements still remain. These structures dedicated to the dead are the best maintained in the region, because mourners still return regularly to perform the Orthodox rite of hrobky, which involves both cleaning up the burial site and consuming a festive meal at the plot (2,005 words)

Culture cemeteries?! Oh gosh, we hope not. Here are some tips for cultural first aid:

1. Keep good ideas alive: consume them, think about them, talk about them
2. Keep good reading/writing/videos alive: enjoy them, ponder them, share them
3. Keep yourself alive: water (important)

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