Curious World

Our Language, Our World

James McElvenny | Aeon | 15th January 2024

Recent research lends credence to the idea that language shapes worldview: some languages enable speakers to unlock senses that all humans possess but do not necessarily use. All humans are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field. But Australia’s Gurindji speakers, who would say “a fly is on the eastern part of my leg”, are reliably attuned to shifts in ambient magnetic fields (4,000 words)

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Sober Curious

Louise O’Neill | Savage Hunger | 7th January 2024

There is a cultural shift towards drinking less — #SoberCurious is one of the most searched-for hashtags on social media. The science for an alcohol-free lifestyle is compelling. But there are things to miss about drinking, like the ability it confers to withstand noise. Tips for a Dry January: embrace mocktails, get a friend on board, don’t make assumptions about who you’ll become in sobriety (2,100 words)

Here's another dry January tip: fill it with excellent reading. The full Browser sends five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and a podcast.

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