Daily Truffle

James Patterson's Daily Routine

Clay Skipper | GQ | 3rd January 2023

Interview with the prolific author, who claims to have 31 book projects active at one time. He works with a "stable of co-writers", does about 11 hours of reading and writing a day, and works seven days a week, with interludes for golf. He writes longhand and then an assistant types his manuscripts. His explanation for why he exists like this, at the age of 75? "I've always been a hungry dog" (2,075 words)

The Truffle Industry Is A Scam

Matt Babich | Taste Atlas | 24th December 2022

Few foods that taste of truffle contain the gourmet fungi itself. The organsulfur compound 2,4-dithiapentane naturally occurs in truffles but is almost impossible to extract, although it can be cheaply derived from petroleum. You may not know what truffle tastes like; the familiar flavour is probably the synthetic version. Some restaurants even grate tasteless tubers over dishes to aid the illusion (2,049 words)

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