Dandelion Soup

Dandelions And Elephants

Flux Collective | Lens Of The Week | 6th October 2022

Short and suggestive note on r/K selection theory, which locates all evolutionary strategy on a continuum between two poles: r-selection and K-selection. An r-selection strategy focuses on rapid replication: make copies of yourself as quickly as possible and have them mutate freely across generations. K-selection focuses on quality over quantity, fitting a population already at carrying capacity (375 words)


James Ozden | Understanding Social Change | 22nd October 2022

If one sees climate change as a clear and present danger to human flourishing, should one support climate activists who throw soup at (glass-protected) Van Gogh paintings? Probably yes. Average sympathy for a radical protest will be much lower than average sympathy for a moderate protest; but a radical protest will attract many times more eyeballs, and thus a greater aggregate of sympathy (1,400 words)

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