Dark Jars

Dark Side Of The Screen

Andrey Mir | Discourse | 14th February 2024

Early computers had dark screens. Then we moved into an era of bright interfaces. Now, we are returning to dark mode. Why? “Humankind is approaching the final stage of resettling onto the digital. Perceiving information that itself glows is becoming more common than perceiving information that is lit up. Digital media no longer need to simulate physical lighting conditions” (2,100 words)

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Jars With Well-Fitting Lids

Catherine Lacey | Yale Review | 14th February 2024

On having a “jar habit”. This involves being unable to throw away any glass containers, because you are still grieving a lost loved one. It means storing everything in jars that were made for another purpose. And it means always labelling the jars, even if it is possible to see what is inside. “The label is there so that when the jar falls empty, you know exactly what’s missing” (1,200 words)

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