Darwinian Church


Maria Farrell | Lunate | 24th January 2022

Short story told from the perspective of an Irish immigrant in London, who finds attending Mass both a comforting link with home and a distressing reminder of the restrictions she has left behind. A drama over a theft from the collection plate tests everyone's faith, no matter where they originated, and brings ugly emotions to the surface. "We must each have our ways in this foreign land" (4,202 words)

Oncology’s Darwinian Dilemma

Bobak Parang | LARB | 11th May 2022

Immunotherapy is revolutionising cancer treatment. But moving away from blunter instruments like chemotherapy forces us to confront the myriad variations of the disease — and the fact that we do not know why some patients respond to the therapy while others die. Still, this should be viewed as progress: "The certainty of futility is now replaced by the uncertainty of possibility" (1,884 words)

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