Deep Fake

Aldous Huxley's Deep Reflection

J. Allan Hobson | MIT Press Reader | 19th September 2023

Huxley was fascinated by altered states of consciousness. He was "a painstaking self-observer" and keen on experimentation. He worked with a medical hypnosis expert in 1950 to do some trials around his trance-like "deep reflection" state. At will, Huxley could make himself utterly insensible to his surroundings, vanishing into the "timeless, spaceless void" in which he wrote his fiction (1,750 words)

Creating A Fake Indian Cricket League

Sean Williams | Sports Illustrated | 15th September 2023

A man in a small Indian village — at the behest of "shadowy but well-financed men" in Moscow — set up a fake cricket league. He rented a field, bought cameras and fake IPL uniforms, and hired cricketers to play in matches that were completely fixed for the purposes of online gambling. This scam was just the ground floor of a multi-level swindle that operated on a global scale (4,810 words)

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