Defend Mormonism

Should Japan Defend Taiwan?

Kiyoshi Sugawa | Responsible Statecraft | 2nd May 2023

There are no good options for Japan in a US-China war over Taiwan. As an active ally of America, Japan would suffer heavy civilian casualties and long-term economic harm. Neutrality increases the chance of a Chinese takeover in Taiwan and leaves Japan alone to face an aggressive China. The choice between the two paths would likely be made by the manner in which the war begins (1,565 words)

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from The Browser six ago:

How Much Mormonism Has Changed

Mette Ivie Harrison | By Common Consent | 27th April 2017

Reflections of a forty-something Mormon. “Even as a teen, I remember the assumption that we would be practicing polygamy again as soon as it was legal. The change from this to the 'one man/one woman marriage' doctrine has been a surprise... We still give blessings of healing, but I have the sense that almost everyone goes to the doctor first and gets a blessing after” (1,300 words)

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