Dialectic Folders

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Life After Brecht

G.D. Brown | PopMatters | 20th January 2022

On the "lowbrow dialectics" visible in the films of director Wes Anderson, especially his latest offering, The French Dispatch. The "distinct unreality" of its world recalls Bertolt Brecht's theatre work, with its awareness of its own artificiality and the spectacle being created. In Anderson's visual world, "high art grows forth from the bourgeois malaise of the neoliberal era" (1,442 words)

Folders Versus Tags

Eleanor Konik | 24th September 2021

Personal knowledge management enthusiast's magnum opus on the fraught subject of hierarchical organisation. The overwhelming trend in digital products, from Gmail down to the most niche notetaking app, is to apply tag to files rather than sort them away into folders. But, as is argued here, keeping all of your information in one bucket with no compartments has its downsides (4,238 words)


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