Different Ulysses

Why Mathematics Is Different

Jay Daigle | Jay's Blog | 2nd February 2022

Why doesn't mathematics have a "replication crisis"? Mainly because maths papers are being "replicated" all the time, whenever another mathematician reads the paper and understands the math (or not). Maths papers are full of mistakes, but rarely mistakes that invalidate the conclusions. "We can be right for the wrong reasons — we mostly only try to prove things that are basically true" (4,060 words)

James Joyce's Ulysses Reviewed

Sisley Huddleston | Observer | 5th March 1922

The publication of Ulysses 100 years ago signalled the birth of modernism in literature. Here is how it was received at the time: "Blasphemy and beauty, poetry and piggishness jostle each other. But one becomes tired of beastliness always breaking in. There is one chapter devoted to the reverie of a woman, and her monologue intérieur is, I imagine, the vilest in all literature" (1,540 words)


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Five Books: Notable Nonfiction Of Early 2022. Five Books editor Sophie Roell surveys some of the best new books from the early days of this year, covering everything from Neolithic archaeology to the latest insights of neuroscience to where we work, what we feel, and how we die.

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