Dinner Cure

Dinner With A Dictator

Witold Szabłowski | LitHub | 9th November 2023

Stalin could make a good shashlik, but after his second wife died he could not bear the smell of food being cooked. His diet mostly revolved around soup — meat soup with sauerkraut in winter, cabbage in summer. After the revolution, he largely ignored food and ate at the Kremlin canteen, but his "one and only culinary extravagance in those days was a bathtub full of pickled gherkins" (1,880 words)

Podcast: The Six-Week Cure | 99% Invisible

Entertaining look at how in the mid 20C Reno, Nevada became the divorce capital of the world, thanks to a short residency requirement of just six weeks and liberal grounds for ending a marriage (34m 55s)

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