Dinner Goal

The Autocrat At The Dinner Table

Gabriel Kuhl | In Medias Res | 6th June 2022

Notes on a state dinner given by Czar Vasili III of Muscovy in 1526, drawn from the diaries of a Habsburg diplomat, Sigismund von Herberstein. The main course was swans served on plates of solid gold. The Czar offered bread to all, but salt only to a favoured few. After dinner each ambassador was taken back to his hostelry by a courtier whose job it was to get the ambassador thoroughly drunk (1,900 words)

Own-Goal Football

Generalist Academy | 7th June 2022

How a glitch in tournament rules left Barbados and Grenada competing to score own-goals in a Caribbean Football Cup tie. No match could end in a draw; goals scored in extra time counted double; Barbados had to win by at least two goals to go through to the next round, otherwise Grenada would go through. As full-time approached, Barbados was one goal ahead. Now do the game theory (660 words)

Our next London Amble Tour is coming up on Saturday, 18th June at 10.30am: a stroll around Aldgate, looking at everything from a rare sixteenth century church to London's smallest sculpture, and ending in a pub that Chaucer (supposedly) stayed in. We'll also saunter through Leadenhall Market and past the famous Lloyd's building. As always, tickets include an expert guide, excellent company and a Browser tote bag. Book one ticket for £18, or two or more for £14 each.

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