Diplomatic Types

Diplomatic Dining

Bompas & Parr | WePresent | 22nd September 2022

Pivotal geopolitical moments have often occurred over dinner. From the boeuf à la mode that the Founding Fathers consumed as they wrangled over the new capital of the United States to the schweinwürst that Hitler fed to Kurt von Schuschnigg as he threatened to annexe Austria, food has long been a form of soft power. Menu design still ranks among an ambassador's most important jobs (4,242 words)

There Are Three Types Of Meetings

Cam Daigle | 4th October 2022

Guide to having better meetings. Perhaps the key point here is that meetings cannot be fixed by holding more of them, nor can their problems be solved by abolishing them altogether. Being thoughtful about who attends, what the purpose of the gathering is, and where the power imbalances are is the only way to ensure productive discussions that don't devolve into pointless rambles (2,854 words)

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